The Rebirth of Communism

Some newspapers and other press related businesses have seem to found a new “communistic” weapon to
force changes in political systems to destabelise society in general.
While most South American countries have chosen for a right wing gouvernment some are determent to
stay in charge, even if they need to starve their citizens. We can see this starvation in Venezuela and
Northern Korea.
China and Russia support Venezuelan president Madura to stay in place as leader of the country.
The only reason for their support are the natural resources as oil, what is the real riches of Venezuela.
By supporting Maduro and less publicly also Kim Jong-Un, they show the rest of the world that they don't
give much of the people of Venezuela and Northern Korea.
As usual, when it comes to resources such as oil, the USA aswell is involved in the matter.
Ofcource, the USA is interested in Venezuela's oil riches, but does not want Venezuelan people to suffer
in starvation.
When we look at socialists and even democrats these days, we notice a very large resemblance with the
rise of communism during the reign of Lenin and Stalin.
Lenin, Stalin and Trotski manipulated Russian working class with lies and one-sided information. Exactly
the same is happening today. The one-sided information makes that environmental organizations and
climate protesters stand up for their cause. Due the one-sided information they speak half thruth and what
or who is not convenient for their cause will be ignored or bullied with insults. Scientists and intelectuals
that point out some proven details will automaticly be blamed of being a denier of the problem.
Migration gives the same results, when someone points out some dangers of matters that comes with
population migration are insulted to be racists or populists, even if they speak truth.
Do you see the resemblance with what Lenin and Stalin did to came to power ?
Recent years, a witchhunt has started on people that have worked and saved their earnings and want to
protect it from this “communistic” social policy that is happening. Socialist politicians seek their fortune
in blaming the middle class and the rich for being protective on their savings.
It is not right to insult someone for being greedy if they want to protect their savings from to much taxes.
Even when they succeed in doing so, they still have payed taxes of their earnings earlier.
Others, that have always thrown away their earnings and that are guilty on massconsumption and for that
reason only, have not been able to save for the future will automaticly blame the higher middle class and
the rich for their own created problems.
When it comes to environment and climate, it is pretty much the same. Most polution is the result of
production for mass consumption and is a problem created by the ones that are guilty in falling into the
mass consumption trap.
Reducing carbon polution and having economical growht does not go along with eachother, certainly not
by ignoring or banning nuclear energy from the scene.
People that have never controlled their earnings are the ones that realy want to avoid taxes and VAT.
They want everything for the lowest price possible and don't care for their own children that by actions as
these will see their future earings diluted due lower wages and rising taxes.
When they run out of money they blame the rich but never themselfs. These people are easy to
manipulate by socialism and communism. These people are the real danger for society and for democracy
in general.
Socialism worldwide has proven many times in history to abuse this class of people for their own
benefits. Everywhere in the whole world where socialism was in power, people became to suffer even
more from poverty and starvation.
Those that realy believe that taken away from the rich will help them with their own created situation
should need to think twice. Nowhere in the whole world, socialism or communism has brought prosperity.
Not in history and it wil not be in the future either.
During history and as a prediction to the future, Socialism and communism will always rob you from your
wealth and privacy. A recent proof for this are China's face recognition cameras that are all over the place
and the so called social punishments related to your political vieuw on life.
These kind of communistic or socialistic action are exactly the same as what Lenin and Stalin did but now
it is even worse due the technology that was absent in Lenins and Stalins days of fun.
Very recent, it came in the news that the higher middle class and the rich are concerned about the growing
violence and hate that socialism creates towards them, just as what happend during the days of Lenin and
In november 2018, in memory of the great war of 1914 – 1918, political worldleaders spoke out that such
a devastating war may never happen again. While speaking out these words, with one penstroke they
allready have signed for world war III.
The world today is in the exact same situation as how the great war started, followed by the rise of
socialism or communism as seen with Lenin and Stalin. One small spark that ends up in the wrong place
will set the world on fire for a third time.
Modern nuclear waepons and cyber warfare will be more devastating and the casualties of war will be
much higher and more ruthless due triggerd by computers and artificial intelligence instead of by human
History repeats itself, and if it does not repeat, it shows resemblances to earlier events.
Socialism does not care for human lives, it only appears that way, history tells all about it.
The rebirth of communism has allready begun. If the world does not take action today, it will be too late
for tomorow.

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