Remember the future

Anno 2019, Bankmergers and aquisitions are back and maybe worse than it was in 2007 – 2008.
Germany's big banks Commerzbank and Deutsche bank have failed to merge after a five weeks talk.
Other banks like BNP Paribas, Santander, Unicredit and ING have shown similar interest in aquisitions of
the German banks.
ING, Rabo bank, ABN Amro and other European banks as Danske bank, Nordea and Swedbank were all
involved and declared guilty in money laundering.
Very recent, Degroof Petercam, a Belgian bank is cought in a money laundering file.
The ongoing risks banks are taking are of epic proportions and they remind us to the banking problems of
2007 – 2008. Governments worldwide had to take actions and bring their citizens savings at stake to
protect and provide security to banks that were on the brink of a collaps.
The consequences of these actions are still very alive and people feel themselfs betrayed and abandoned
by governments.
Central banks are worsening the problem by creating negative interestrates.
Worldwide, citizens savings were at stake and used to save banks while with the exception of a few
Iceland bankers, none of the real crooks was imprisoned. Instead of sanctioning, they were rewarded and
want now take credit for their rescue by doing exactly the same as in 2007 – 2008.
Instead of being tankfull for what the world has done for them, they now “reward” people worldwide by
robbing them from cash money and replace everything with digital currency.
The digital revolution will destroy the proletariat and many people will end up in severe poverty.
The middle class will be robed from there savings due confiscations.
Stocks, bonds and funds wil go up in flames and reduced to ashes.
Debt has risen to levels that can never be repayed again and a next finincial and economical crisis will
catapult us back to a situation as the 1930's but 10 times as hard.
Looking at historical happenings, it is for sure that revolutions will break out and in some places the
guillotines are greased allready. The robbing of people always end with deheading of its lords and
politicians. At that point, the problems become irriversable and trust and respect among people is
completely disappeared. We allready see the first cracks like this in society.
We all will face a new kind of dark ages that wil take a few hundreds of years before society may recover.
In history, collapse of a society was limited to a geo-politic area. The massive crisis that is ahead of us
will infect the whole world. All countries of the globe are in one way or another connected with eachother
by economic activities and worldwide trade.
As proven thrue history, Gold and silver will become valuable means of payment.
Aslong as the world can be manipulated and controled, you still have the chance to protect yourself and
your family from such inevetable disasters. Sooner then later, manipulation wil come to an abrupt end.
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