How pigs rule the world

As we could hear on the news and read in newspapers, there is a hughe pig drama in
Lets recap a little and see where this is coming from and headding to.
After America declared the tradewar to China last year, China could do nothing different
then respond with tarifs on thousands of American products, including Pig meat.
American pig farmers were hit heavely because China was seeking to buy there pig meat
elswhere. They found a small country that had a large pig farming industry aswell, and this
country was Belgium.
For Belgian pigfarmers, the future looked bright and the Chinese orders for our pig meat
started to increase.
And now, as the devil himself has part in it, and I believe he had,
nearly one week after China putting tarifs on American pig meat, all hell broke loose in
little Belgium.
All of a sudden, the wild hoghs in the ardennes, the French part of Belgium, also known
as Walonië started to suffer on African swine fever.
After this news was spreading thrue the world, many countries, China among them started
to cancel their orders.
I don't know if you see where this pig is pissing but I lack to see the coïncidence of this
The economic damage that this caused to Belgian pig farmers was tremendous and it has
left deep marks with our pig farmers.
Beside the fact that China is a large importer of pig meat, China itself is a large producer
that produces about half of the pig meat in the world.
Their pig industry is now also affected with the African swine fever and probably up to
200 milion out of 300 million animals should be slauthered.
If we were to go for kilos and multiply the carcass weight of about 94 kg by 200 million,
this would amount to 18.8 billion kilos of liquidated pork.
In 2018, Belgium accounted for the slaughter weight of pigs of 1.07 billion kilos.
In other words, the numbers of pigs liquidated in China is as much as what Belgium
should slaughter in 18 years.
The fact that this whole pig story is happening in just six months makes the eyebrows
China will have no other choice than go to countries where they can buy pork.
An interesting place to buy pork again is ofcourse the United States of America.
The liquidation of such a number of animals will inevitably lead to greater demand than
It is therefore more than likely that the prices will soar very rapidly.