June 23, 2016, the date when the majority of the British population has chosen for the exit of the European Union, is one that will continue to reverberate in the ideas of the population for a long time.
A hassle of financial arrangements and new agreements for a sound policy after the Brex-it could have been a fairly straightforward process.
However, due to political self-interest, the whole Brexit event was and still is being dealt with at a childish did or did not game.
British politics thought it would all go smoothly and made little or no effort to get solid agreements with the European Union. The European Union, in turn, can not be anything other than strict. Otherwise, perhaps other Member States such as Austria, Hungary, Italy and perhaps Poland could also quickly decide to leave the European Union.
Since June 2016 much time has been lost and the economic doomsday scenarios have already sattled. Many companies in the banking and insurance sector have moved their headquarters from London to other major cities within the European Union. Others will follow soon.
British but also European companies operating within the United Kingdom have already taken extremely costly precautions to avoid delays in delivery. For this, many companies needlessly have extra costs by increasing their stock, but also to store this stock in additional warehouses.
After Nissan announced at the beginning of this month that it would not build its new X-Trail SUV in the Un-United Kingdom, and Honda now has decided to close their factory in British Swindon in 2022, there should be a very big alarmbell, ringing in British politics.
Due to the closure of the Honda factory, thousands of jobs are at stake in the Un-United Kingdom.
It is becoming increasingly clear to the British population that their government is doing more for political games out of their own interests than they do as elected representatives for the British population. That the Prime Minister Theresa May's hair turned from gray in 2016 to white in 2019 is therefore no surprise. How often she has sent over and over again to Brussels in order to obtain a renegotiation of the Brexit can now no longer be counted on your hands.
As if all of this is not enough, lower economic growth is expected and there is a high chance that the unresolved Brexit will bring the country into recession.
If, then, an expected monetary reset on a global scale occurs, it would bring the Un-United Kingdom in very tight shoes.
At a monetary reset, the gold reserve of the country is decisive for participation in a new monetary system. It is precisely because of this that many countries as well as central banks are increasing their gold stocks.
The fact that Minister Brown at the time has sold the British gold at rock-bottom prices has led that the Un-United Kingdom only has a gold reserve of about 310 tons.
The gold reserve linked to the number of inhabitants is decisive for the negotiating table at a new monetary reset.
The political fumbling will give the British population a financial hangover in the coming years that can not be solved with a effervescent tablet .
The best medicine against this hangover is a safe haven like physical gold.
Investment forms in which physical gold and silver are central are also a safe haven and in the long run create a nice added value to your investment.
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