A new worldorder.

Once England has completed the Brexit, there will be strong economic cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States. The European Union will then inexorably end up in the penalty corner .

The five eyes nations, being Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, will form one front against the ever-growing economic and geo-political rule of China.

Huawei and other Chinese Tech giants will be banned from doing business within the five eyes nations.

In 2 to 3 months' time, Europe will irrevocably be confronted with the tariffs imposed by President Trump on European cars and spare parts.

Only breaking and banning the cooperation with Huawei and Chinese relatives can stop the European demise.

If Europe remains firm, the consequences will be disastrous.

Let us take a look at what the future of Europe and the world might look like through our 'pink' glasses.

As an investor in stocks, and especially if you want to invest in commodities, you need to look at the world from as many different angles as possible.

Let's take a look at the scenario I've outlined for the future of Europe.

Not following the American view on China would mean that President Trump would still be charging the advanced tariffs on European vehicles and their parts in 2 to 3 months' time.

The European car industry will then come under such pressure that these car multinationals will be forced to relocate their headquarters and production to non-European countries.

The European economy will collapse like a house of cards.

As the ECB has not raised interest rates in a long time, they are unable to cope with this new form of crisis.

Other European multinationals, as well as small businesses, will find it very difficult to pay off their loans, thus launching the next phase of the 2008/2009 banking crisis.

The ECB has missed the opportunity to raise interest rates in 2017 and 2018, so a further cut in interest rates will immediately trigger tough protests at a European level.

Europe will then become one big pile of manure, both economically and financially, on which the Russian and Chinese roosters will stand and crow in order to divide the European continent.

After rejecting cooperation with the five eyes nations, the latter will provide neither military nor financial support to the EU.

Europe will then be under the merciless rule of Russia and China.

Sweden has already seen how the storm will unfold and has sent the entire Swedish population a kind of handbook on 'how to hoard against wartime' (this not the exact name of the brochure).

Swedens are advised to adapt to difficult times and to obtain supplies of long-life food and water. The manual also provides practical information for survival without electricity and other utilities.

Europe will become completely dependent on Russian raw materials such as gas, oil, metals and minerals.

The first signs of this transfer of power can already be seen at Arcelor Mittal.

Arcelor Mittal is forced to reduce its European steel production by flooding cheap Russian steel.

The German steel conglomerate ThyssenKrupp and the Austrian steel producer Voestalpine will therefore soon have to take similar measures.
Voestalpine, a major steel producer for the European automobile industry, could be completely destroyed in the process, with the result that the Austrian capital will have to cope with very high levels of unemployment.
It employs some 50000 people from the Vienna region.

The low steel prices in the Netherlands have undermined the merger between the German company ThyssenKrupp and the Indian company Tata steel. The deal was annulled because a "so-called" monopoly could arise.

Possibly Thyssen-Krupp will cooperate more and more with their Brazilian partner Valé in the future and Tata steel will be forced to withdraw to Indian regions.

The European failure to better protect our companies against unfair trading practices of heavily subsidized Chinese companies will only accelerate the European economic implosion.

When the steel and car industries have disappeared from Europe, we will be flooded by Chinese electric vehicles, which we will charge with electricity from Russian raw materials.

The autonomous Chinese electric car does not need a steering wheel.

You drive, China steers

Alibaba, who has been unable to get a grip on North American soil because of the patriotism of American consumers, and because of the lack of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative on American territory, will increasingly focus on European consumers.

American consumers are trying to buy from American companies.
As a result, the trade tariffs that President Trump has imposed on China also have a greater impact on Chinese companies.

The European consumer, however, is less social and is very sensitive to the purchase of cheap Chinese goods.

European consumers like to buy cheaply and directly in China from companies such as Ali Express, the subsidiary of Alibaba.

The latter sends a lot of orders to Europe. So much so that it has managed to build a railway line from China directly to the Alibaba warehouses in Liège.

These warehouses, which can operate almost autonomously, do not provide the expected employment. Worse still, the purchasing behaviour of European consumers is destroying many jobs in the retail sector.

Technical knowledge is becoming less and less important and at the same time more and more low-skilled jobs are disappearing to low-wage countries.

Since Alibaba's profits are being built up in China, it is yet another company that pays little or no taxes in our country.

Citizens always complain that multinationals don't pay taxes.

However, multinationals do provide employment for the population that can generate an income and contributes to the payment of taxes.

Not for Alibaba. Ali Baba pays little or no taxes and does not provide fascinating employment.

The consumer's money goes directly to China and for goods with small amounts there are hardly any import costs settled upon arrival of the product.

Employment is falling, the government receives less tax revenue and is forced to increase taxes and excise duties.

As a result, the future of our children is not bright.

Wages will fall and jobs will no longer be available.

And all this because the European consumer is a cheese-cracker who only looks at the cheapest price, while he blames multinationals and other companies for whatever he does himself.

Increasing taxes and excise duties will put more and more pressure on the population and eventually this will lead to revolutions, as we have seen all too often in the past.

As we become increasingly dependent on Russian raw materials, the latter will eventually come here to dictate the law, just as President Trump predicted by drawing Germany's attention to the fact that it has already become too dependent on Russian gas.

Raw materials from Russia, cheap goods from China and European decay is a fact.

We are going to pay much more for gas, oil and electricity, and we are going to work for much lower wages.

The slavery of the European population is now a fact.

Africa and the Middle East will be divided between Russia and China.

Israel will come under Russian rule because many Russian Jews fled to Israel during the Stalin period and have been seeking re-approchement with Russia for quite some time.

The Russian - Israeli relationship is almost as good as the American - Israeli relationship.

The caliphate will be mercilessly overwhelmed by China and the large quantities of oil will end up in Chinese barrels.

Africa has long been divided between China and Russia.

This path can be followed reasonably well if we deepen the investments of both powers.

The white farmer has to leave South Africa and the genocides of entire white farmer families are no longer hidden.

Confiscation without compensation is normal for South Africa.

However, the Chinese, that live in Africa, are welcomed with open arms when they arrive back from China.

But for the United Nations and for Human Rights Watch this appears to be only normal.

Existing agreements such as those concluded between the United Kingdom and China will be broken. Quite recently, the first breaches of contract have already occurred in Hong Kong because China does not want to adhere to the agreement, and protests from Hong Kong are mercilessly punched into the ground.

A similar scenario takes place with Taiwan.

The Chinese threat to reintegrate Taiwan as a Chinese province is becoming increasingly powerful.

The construction of artificial and strategic islands in the South China Sea is not for tourist purposes, but is stuffed with military equipment and soldiers.

This makes China a threat to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Japan, the eternal enemy of China, needs great security and has signed contracts with America to purchase no less than 105 jet planes type F 35.

This monster dollar amount comes on top of Japan's already very high national debt.

The Bank of Japan is again forced to keep the moneyprinting machine running at full speed and that puts even more pressure on the Japanese Yen.

The fact that the Japanese population is declining and that marital insecurity, yes, young people have difficulty in having social contacts with the opposite sex, and that the birth rate is therefore too low; does not, however, get through to the Japanese authorities.

Japan is diligently looking for immigrants who might consider Japan as a new home. But even the most intriguing refugee avoids the country as the plague.

The fact that America guards the Chinese sea with warships is therefore not surprising.

What do countries like Singapore, which is only 70 km² in size, and poor countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia have to offer to resist a Chinese supremacy?

A new world order and a new elite is then born with Russia and China as strong monetary global players.

The future of the world will suddenly look very different.

Only those who have supplied themselves with physical gold and silver, and who mainly own gold, could somewhat protect themselves from gigantic poverty.

Poverty, in wich the American recession of the thirties will fade away.

We can only hope that our European leaders have not sold us to the highest bidder and that they will make that one, all-important and correct decision.

By EEJ Convens for Black Bull Assets, 6 june 2019​​​​​​​